What is a Chapter Ride?

What is a Chapter Ride?

Answer: Whatever you want it to be!

If you follow the basic rules laid out in the H.O.G. Chapter Handbook (no alcohol, waivers signed, etc.), a chapter ride can be as simple as a ride across town for lunch, as epic as a multi-day cross-country tour, or anything in between. The limits are set only by your imagination and desire to have fun riding with other H.O.G. members. Don’t overthink it or stress yourself out when planning rides. What’s most important is creating opportunities to get out and ride together, so remember H.O.G.’s Golden Rule: Keep it simple and have fun! It really is that easy.

Here are some other tips for chapter rides:

  • Planning is key: Create your ride on an app like H-D Ride Planner and share it before the event. Consider gas and rest stop options that accommodate a variety of rider skill levels and bike types. And always account for the weather, especially early in the season.
  • Appoint a leader: A designated ride leader doesn’t need to be a Ride Captain or other formal position but should be someone comfortable with planning a ride and communicating with participants before and during the ride. A ride leader should explain the rules of the road prior to the ride and help keep everyone organized and safe.
  • Take it easy: Maintain a comfortable pace and make sure everyone understands it’s OK to ride within their comfort and skill level. If the group gets split up, you can regroup at the next stop
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